What's a Butterfly Key?

ButterflyKeys' design is inspired by the famous Butterfly Knife also known as "Balisong." However, instead of a blade, there is a key inside. It is conveniently smaller and can fit in your pocket.

Is it available for my key?

Most likely, Yes! We carry 500+ key blanks in use worldwide.
This includes keys for houses & offices, cars, motorcycles, and more.
If you don't see your key listed, you can send in a request to have one custom-made for you.

-How do I identify my key?

For vehicle keys, you can use the year make model selector or look for it using the search box.

For non-vehicle keys such as house, office, or other applications, follow the key fitment guide. If you still need help identifying your key, contact us using the Key Identification process, and one of our staff will personally attempt to identify your key.

Do I need to send you my key?

No, there is no need to mail us your key. However If you viewed our key fitment guide and still need help identifying your key, you can upload a photo and tells us more about it. We are here to help! :)

I don't see my key listed, now what?

You can always send in a request to have a key custom-made for you if you don't see it listed on our site. In most cases, if we can obtain a blank from a locksmith, we can make it for you.

How do I have it cut to duplicate my key?

Once you receive your order, you can take it to your local locksmith or hardware store to have it cut accordingly to be duplicated. The fee for this is usually a few dollars.

While you can get your new key cut at a hardware store like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or even Walmart, we always recommend finding a true, local locksmith in your area! Not only are we huge supporters of small & local businesses, but it's just a simple fact that a real locksmith will always cut your key much better!

What is the ButterflyKey made of?

Where is it made?

In the United States.ButterflyKeys are made and hand assembled per order in Hollywood, California

Are there any Limited Editions?

Yes, there is currently one, the stealthy Matte Black finish is a limited edition. And we may produce other limited editions in the future. If you have any suggestions feel free to us know!


How quickly do orders ship out?

Orders typically ship within 1 - 2 business days of being placed. If your order is delayed substantially, we'll be sure to let you know via the contact method you provided during checkout!

Where are you guys located at?

We operate out of Hollywood California!

I received the wrong item - what should I do?

Please contact us with more details, including your order number. If we require you to ship something back to us, we will cover the shipping costs and provide you with a return shipping label!